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MT Metatron: Highly Functional Japanese Skincare

MT Metatron: Highly Functional Japanese Skincare

MT Metatron manufactures in Japan since 2004 highly sophisticated products for the correction and prevention of all visible signs of ageing at any age and for any skin type. With over 80 different active ingredients, in the most effective concentrations, Metatron products influence the information exchange between skin cells and promote a significant increase in the quality of cell activity. Some of the active ingredients in Metatron products will not be found in any other skin care and some are derived from herbs that were used thousands of years ago in traditional Chinese medicine. Although the Metatron product range is divided in different categories (lifting, pore care, sensitive, whitening, …) you can easily combine products from the different lines when composing your own daily skincare routine, without compromising on the results.

In 2004 the people who created MT Metatron were fascinated by the research of DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) and Alpha-Lipoic Acid carried out by dr. Nicholas Perricone, an assistant clinical professor at Yale University. To provide customers with the best anti-aging skin care line, MT Metatron started out with the Lifting Care Line that combats signs of muscles aging, followed in 2005 by the Sensitive Care line. In 2006 came the Pore Care Line, later the Whitening Line and finally, in 2013, the Stem Cell Care Line.

The products of all these lines are interchangeable: it is perfectly possible to use a lotion from one line and a serum or cream from another one. All the MT Metatron products are recommended for treatment of ageing skin and all are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

However, in the past, MT Metatron did not allow their products to be sold online, they have changed this policy in July 2019. All products in our shop are supplied by the official national distributors and such is the case for MT Metatron as well and we have been duly authorized to offer the products in our web-shop. Your skin and our reputation are too valuable for anything else.

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