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Chocolate Nutriprotective Tinted Cream

€30,50(excl. VAT)

Skin suffers from daily attacks that weaken natural defences and significantly changes its appearance.  Some gestures are sufficient to allow it to regain shine, protection and comfort.

Chocolate is rich in polyphenols and known for its anti-oxidative properties. 

Bernard Cassière’s Chocolate Nutriprotective Tinted Cream, one of the four Chocolate Anti-Stress Care products, has been especially formulated to protect your skin from daily stresses (urban pollution, tiredness, sleeping disorders) while providing an even, natural tanned complexion.

The intensity of the colour can be levelled according to the layer of the product applied. Cocoa extract, rich in anti-free radical and antioxidant Polyphenols, along with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter were added to the Nutriprotective tinted cream to help the skin regain its radiance, comfort and youthful appearance.

Contains Fair Trade Cocoa extracts.  For all skin types

Tube of 50 ml.

Produced by SFC Paris for Bernard Cassière.

Apply in the morning in an even layer on perfectly cleansed face and neck.

Cocoa Extract, Cocoa Butter Extract, Polysaccharides.