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Chocolate Mousse Mask

€24,90(excl. VAT)

All skin types are affected by the adverse effects of stress. While sensitive skin will become more irritable, dull and rough, oily skin will shine and reveal imperfections. Even the so-called normal skin is affected: stress decreases its ability to regulate the hydration level.

The direct consequence of stress on all skin types is a loss of radiance, elasticity, flexibility and softness.

Rich in polyphenols, known for its anti-oxidative properties, cocoa is a good ally in the fight against the stress of daily life.

That’s why Bernard Cassière has imagined a complete range of playful and efficient products that will help you to protect your skin from the adverse effects of stress:

  • Fighting against the effects of daily stress on the skin,
  • Protecting your skin from new attacks, whatever your skin type (normal to sensitive),
  • Helping your skin to regain its natural radiance, comfort and youth aspect by promoting cell renewal and restoring hydration.

Bernard Cassière’s Chocolate Mousse Mask is another one of its four Chocolate Anti-Stress Care products. Fight the stress suffered by your skin with this ‘fun’ chocolate mousse!

Cocoa extract, rich in anti-free radical and antioxidant polyphenols and cocoa butter were added to help your skin regain comfort and youthful appearance. This mask has an easy to apply and remove mousse texture that leaves your skin matte and radiant.

Contains Fair Trade Cocoa extracts.  For all skin types

Plastic jar of 75 ml.

Produced by SFC Paris for Bernard Cassière.

Use weekly by applying this mousse mask on the entire face and neck, leave on for 12 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.  Avoid the eye contours.

Active ingredients: Cocoa Extract, Cocoa Butter Extract, Kaolin, Enzymatic Complex.