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Mela Cream

  • Category: Lightening/Depigmentation
  • Brand: Dermaceutic
  • Skin Types: All Skin Types
€68,25(excl. VAT)

Pigmentation cream: reduces appearance of pigment spots and melasma, harmonizes complexion and promotes an even skin tone.

Dermaceutic Mela Cream is probably the best and strongest depigmentation cream available in the market at this time.  It combines the actions of 8 highly concentrated active ingredients, which inhibit the transfer of melanin and effectively help reduce pigmentation and melasma.

A blend of corrective acids, including Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid and Mandelic Acid are combined with the proven skin brightening ingredients Arbutin (glycosylated hydroquinone) and Liquorice Extract to minimise melanin production and improve overall skin clarity. 

Salicylic Acid (a beta hydroxy acid) gently exfoliates damaged cells and unblocks and cleans pores to harmonise a dull complexion.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a very effective skin-restoring ingredient which offers multiple benefits for ageing skin. Niacinamide improves the skin’s look and feel, brightens its tone and revives healthy skin texture

Retinol (Vitamin A1) supports the natural skin cell regeneration process and reduces the appearance of the signs of ageing.  It treats loss of skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexion.  Retinol is at present the number one dermatologist recommended anti-ageing agent.
Dermaceutic Mela Cream is suitable for most skin types, except sensitive skin.

Paraben and Fragrance free.

Airless bottle with pump of 30 ml.

Manufactured by Dermosciences in France.

Apply once a day, in the evening, on the full face, focusing especially on pigmented areas. 

If Retinol has never been used before, begin with 2 times per week and gradually increase frequency to daily.  If tolerance is good you can increase the use to daily morning and evening.  Use for 3 months to obtain the best result.

Warning.  You may experience a tingling sensation, redness and slight desquamation.  Reduce the frequency of use if you feel discomfort.  Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.  Avoid use by children under the age of 3 and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. 

Use a strong sun protection cream (such as Dermaceutic SunCeutic 50) daily.

Active ingredients:

Kojic Acid 3%, Mandelic Acid 2%, Phytic Acid 0,5%, Salicylic Acid 1%, Niacinamide 3%, Arbutin 3%, Retinol 1% and Liquorice Extract