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About Us

We are located in Limassol, the international business centre of Cyprus. Our beautiful island in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea is within close reach of East and Western Europe, the Middle East, the Asian and the African continents. Throughout history Cyprus has always been a part of the important international trade routes.

At our clinic in Limassol, Dr Svetlana Verhoeven-Iliazova provides since 2007 a range of anti-ageing and aesthetic medical treatments including dermal filling and sculpting, mesotherapy, neuromodulators and chemical peelings (click here for more information about our clinic).

Aesthetic medical treatments, when performed by a qualified, trained and experienced doctor are very effective and yield excellent results but they are overall not cheap and they need to be repeated on a regular basis. Besides, aesthetic medical treatments alone are not enough to keep a young and attractive appearance if they are not combined with a healthy lifestyle and good skin care products.

Through our experience in the aesthetic medical market we have built up an extensive knowledge of good quality cosmetic products with active ingredients, commonly known as "cosmeceutics" or “cosmeceuticals”.

The term “cosmeceuticals” refers to the combination of “cosmetics” and “pharmaceuticals”: non-prescription cosmetic products which contain active ingredients that influence the biological function of the skin. Cosmeceuticals improve the appearance of the skin, combat skin irregularities, deliver nutrients which are necessary for a healthy skin and they help to withstand external stressors leading to premature ageing.

The cosmeceutical market is presently the fastest-growing segment of the personal care industry. As a result of society’s fascination with maintaining a youthful appearance and the global ageing of the population, this market is expanding at an accelerated rate and a large and fast growing portion of this business is happening online.

When we opened our clinic we decided to offer our patients a limited range of cosmeceuticals which are sometimes hard to find in the retail business. Cosmeceuticals are usually not sold by beauticians or perfumeries; rather by pharmacies and doctors. Our suppliers of medical products were found to be also importing and distributing a number of cosmeceutical brands, which we studied, tested and out of which we made a selection.

The result of that selection can be found on this website with a full guarantee that all the products we offer are original and genuine and purchased only from the relevant official brand importers and distributors. Another guarantee we offer is that we have tried ourselves and/or through our patients the reliability and efficiency of each and every product offered.

Products are sorted by brands, indications and areas of use. We also offer a number of sets or kits of products which we have composed, because sometimes one product can cure a problem, but a combination of different products can do so better and faster.

We aim to slowly, but steadily, increase the range of products we offer, always based on our above described philosophy, due to the worldwide growth of the market of cosmeceuticals and the appearance of new products, as a result of extensive and never ending scientific research by specialized pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.

Important Notes


All prices mentioned on this website are in Euro and do not include VAT. If delivery is to be done within the European Union we have to charge you VAT at the rate valid in Cyprus on the date of issuing your invoice (19% since 13/01/2014). If delivery is done outside the territory of the European Union no VAT is charged, but you may be liable to pay import duties and/or VAT in your homecountry upon arrival of your parcel.

Handling fee

For every order, no matter how small or large, we will charge a single handling fee of 4 Euro to cover the cost of processing and packaging.


  1. All deliveries are done by Registered International Priority A Mail (delivery 3 to 15 working days depending of destination) and we charge a standard postage fee of 2 Euro per product. Please note that if you order a set or kit of products, the postage will be calculated as for 1 item only, no matter the number of products included in such a set or kit.
  2. If you order 7 or more products and you live within the European Economic Area (European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) we will automatically send your order with EPG Courier, which promises home delivery in about 3 working days.
  3. Deliveries in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus are done by registered mail. If you are a customer residing in Cyprus and you want to receive your delivery faster you can ask us by separate e-mail to deliver through Akis Express, giving us the exact location of the Akis Express Office where you want to pick it up.

For more information please read our “Terms & Conditions”.

We sincerely hope that you will find what you look for on our website. Any questions, suggestions or remarks are more than welcome on our e-mail address: info@esthetique-shop.com.